Spain has a wealth of diverse and exotic attractions to discover by car rental, and thanks to its comprehensive road network seeing the sights is easy. From its lovely beaches to its vibrant festivals and world class monuments, Spain is a sightseer’s treasure trove.

Madrid is Spain’s thriving capital and home to one of the best dining scenes in the country. The city also has a great collection of museums. From here you can drive your car hire in Spain to Barcelona, Spain’s second city. Barcelona is dominated by the Sagrada Familia, a massive construction designed by the city’s most famous son, Gaudi.

If you visit during the summer months it is a good idea to plan your trip around a colourful Spanish festival. The Running of the Bulls is one of Spain’s most famous events and sees bulls run through the city of Pamplona. Less life-threatening is Valencia’s Tomatino festival, which sees the streets come alive in a tomato throwing celebration.

Culture-vultures will also want to explore Andalucia by Spain hire car, with several cities of note in this region. Cordoba is best known for its splendid mosque while Granada is host to the might La Alhambra, a unique Moorish fortress palace of great beauty. Seville boasts a great cultural scene as well as one of the globe’s biggest cathedrals.

If you love beaches get cheap car hire in Spain and head for the Canary Islands, where some of the most popular holiday resorts in Spain are situated. Not just featuring beaches, the Canaries are also home to interesting volcanic landscapes and other natural wonders. The Balearics also draw families and couples alike with its beaches. Ibiza is the most popular island of the group and sees hordes of night owls arrive in the peak summer months.